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Why should I use a Home Stager…and what is it?!

If you are planning to move, then selling your home is one of your major challenges ahead of you. Did you know that the average buyer forms an impression within the first 15 seconds of entering your home or viewing your listing on the internet? Cheshire Home Staging will create visually appealing rooms that will have each potential buyer seeing your home as their next home.

What exactly is the point of staging a house that you are moving from?

  • A professionally presented home focuses on the properties positive attributes and makes it stand out in the crowd above all other competition. If your property is well staged, maintained and presented these final touches will add both desirability and that covetable “wow factor”
  • First impressions really do count from kerb appeal to those important first steps into a new home. Potential buyers have to fall in love with what they see to imagine themselves moving in
  • Beautifully styled rooms will offer better photos for marketing and advertising. This in turn will increase interest in your property or development and generate viewings.
  • Many Estate Agents feel that while a well presented home certainly has more marketing potential and is likely to sell faster than the competition it could also achieve the optimum selling price for the seller.

Why should I spend money on a house I’m selling?

Home Staging is an investment in getting a higher return when you sell your home. It is mistaken to look at home staging as an expense on your old home.

Would you try and sell your car without having it cleaned and presentable? Why would you try and sell your single largest investment without first making it look as appealing as possible?