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With so many people investing in buy-to-let, how do you get the edge in renting out your property?

Increasingly, over the past 2 to 3 years we have noted that property professionals are using show type homes to build in sales incentives to get that sale. But even when they have been immaculately refurbished, properties that have been newly developed can feel cold and uninviting. And on the other hand, older properties, invested in for the rental market can be extremely run down and in need of work to make a potential tenant want to reside there.

Cheshire Home Staging can work alongside investors providing interior design solutions. I selectively dress properties to create a warm and inviting impression, and a sense of individuality. I can source and supply furniture and decorative accessories from a variety of outlets to ensure that the project is cost efficient and completed speedily.

With expert knowledge, I can make sure your properties are decorated, cleaned and if necessary furnished and ready for your next occupants.

Tenants might not take as much care in your rental property as you would like them to, with all that coming and going as renters move in and then out with all their worldly goods, the decor needs to be robust enough to take the knocks and bumps. Trust in Cheshire Home Staging to guide and assist you with the knowledge of what paints, flooring, and fire safety regulated furniture you should use.

For Property Developers and landlords, using Cheshire Home Staging saves you time and trouble when getting a property ready to let or sell.

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