Home makeovers

The aim of a Home Makeover is to try and use what you already own, whilst adding in a few extra accessories to create a home that is fresh and new, but also within your budget. I work with you to make sure you like the colours, layout of furniture and budget so that I can deliver your very own show home!

As your home is the place you spend most of your time in, I believe it should be comfortable, relaxing and functional too. Whether you are looking for a full-home revamp or a quick mini-makeover of one or two rooms, I can offer practical professional advice and hands-on help where you need it, all tailored to your budget.

MOVING IN? Cheshire Home Staging can help you get your new home looking just the way you want it – from sourcing new furniture and accessories to showing how the items from your old home can look its best in a new setting

Home Makeover services

Option 1-Home consultation followed by a detailed action plan report.

Home consultation
I believe it’s crucial to listen to what you want and need in your home, and the first part of the consultation will be spent talking about how your house functions, what’s important to you and what your likes and dislikes are when it comes to decor. We will then walk through room by room and discuss all the things that need attention and would benefit from being replaced or modified. I will also give advice on what colours you could bring to a room, various layout options that can transform spaces, accessories and even where art work could be placed to get the best outcome. Obviously with you and your likes in mind.

Action plan report
A few days after the consultation I will issue you a full action plan report, this will be sent via email and also via post so you have a physical copy to read and refer to. The report will go through everything we discussed in detail, including photos of your property with notes next to each area on what you’d like improving and the best way to do so. It will also include items that would suite the areas and links on where to source them.

I will give specific recommendations on how to enhance your home, it’s then all available to you in a simple document making it easy for you to follow yourself, or decide whether you want further help on any or all of it.

Recommended tradesmen for the work needed will also be included, this alone can save you a lot of time and effort.

Consultation and report

1 room-£195

2 rooms-£280

3 rooms-£470

4 rooms -£560

5 rooms-£650

Any follow on work will be charged an hourly rate

Follow on services include help with sourcing items, and hands on styling once any trades work has been completed.

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